Pet Portraits

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Portraits (and more specifically pet paintings) have been a more recent addition.  With a non human subject, there is no less emotion, character or care involved when drawing out their personality.  Be it man or beast, there is a joy in creating these commissions that serve as a special gift for a loved one, commemorating a milestone, or a way of remembering a dear friend.

How it happens:

  • My pieces are acrylic on archival quality canvas.
  • I work from photography that I either shoot myself in a session with the subject(s) or by utilizing existing photos supplied by the client.
  • The preferred method is to collaborate with the client and have a photography session with the subjects in order to get something just right, in which case all photos would be available to the client to order prints as well.
  • A deposit for the piece is due once an image (or combination of images) has been selected.


If you’d like to know more about how to commission a painting,  Contact the artist.

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