And away we go!

I’m a product designer with a passion for interiors, art, color, texture, and all things visual.  My hubs and I just bought a house in Scituate, MA.  I thought this blog would be a great way to share the fun and fabulous things I come across in work and play as well as all the renovations we do on our new home. 

As for the house, we have a limited budget but we have a lot of ideas. However, this is our first house and neither of us have ever done renovation work before. This should make for some comedy.
We found the house quite accidentally. We were actually looking for a distraction from thinking about different house we had put an offer in on.  We found ourselves wandering the property with a lot of “hmmm”s. Sure enough the deal fell through on the first house (a blessing in disguise) and suddenly looking at a whole different option.
The house was built in 1956 the ranch with the walk out lower level.  We knew it needed a lot of work but it also had a lot of potential.

  • It’s the color of puréed smoke salmon.  (Lots of nicknames here, Lox Haus, Pink Palace,

    the 'before' - we have just a few trees...

  • There is a lot of cherry stained paneling

    I love woodgrain, but this is a little much!

  • The kitchen is original, let’s say 1956 avocado still hasn’t quite come back.

    the floors are almost as good as the counters!

  • We are definitely going to need an energy audit there is no insulation in the crawl space.
  • The mice maybe a little bit of a problem and the electrical needs updating.
  • There is Lion King border paper in a bedroom (sorry Simba, but you have to go).
  • The backyard has just been torn apart for the new septic system and will stay our little mud mountain till spring. 

…. That’s some of the low lights.

However it’s half a mile from the beach and on over an acre near of golf course on a quiet street.
The commute will be a challenge 1 and a half hours for me and over an hour for hubs but to be here on the coast…

is worth it!

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