Well Styled: Gatsby Fever

It’s out!  The biggest stylistic movie opening of the season just happened this past weekend.  It seems designers everywhere want a piece of Gatsby right now.  Is it that shocking though?  The roaring 20’s were wild and boozy, the story is one of the best in American lit, Baz Luhrmann is an evil musical-theater genius and there is some serious style happening in this film.  Check out some of my favorite bits and pieces I’ve found celebrating the movie and the 20’s trend.

tiffany gatsby

Tiffany’s Gatsby

 Brooks Brothers' Gatsby

Brooks Brothers’ Gatsby

gatsby dress

I don’t even know where this is from… I found it on Pinterest, but I LOVE it!

rodarte clip

Rodarte’s star clip is insanely awesome and a perfect accessory

With all the hype, the question of how good the movie is keeps coming up.  I know some people are not interested in the clash of style and music that Baz has collaged together for us in his signature way.  Personally, I have always appreciated his creativity even if it’s not what is expected.  I’m excited to finally get out to a movie for the first time since well before the babe, and why not?

everyone loves a great party

everyone loves a great party! Cheers!

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