Well Styled: Show your stripes!

With the first major summer holiday upon us, bright and bold looks start to look so tempting.  For this Well Styled, we pull out some big time inspiration.

This dress haunts me… it’s gorgeous.  Apparently I’m not saying anything that’s not already well known, it was a show stopper at the Spring 2013 NY Fashion Week.

Oscar de la renta striped gown

Oscar de la Renta striped gazar gown

It’s the Oscar de la Renta Striped Gazar Gown and it’s delicious… it’s perfect, I would love it forever… alas, I don’t have that type of money. However, I can use it as a muse of sorts, it is my inspiration for our next HUGE trend this season… bold stripes!

The dress is perfect as it uses line as a stripe, as a contour and even tucks a little chevron in there.  I am including some chevron in this theme as it’s been so strong and a nice update to what I’ve been seeing recently.

emerald stripes table

Love it in entertaining, especially with a pop of emerald

schumacher collection

Cote-d-Azur collection from Schumacher

Maddy stripe rug

a rug is a GREAT way to use stripes this one is from Madeline Weinrib

A Hepburn

Classic stripes and Audrey Hepburn

Michael Kors Bag

Great bag from Michael Kors

No matter what category it’s such a strong deign statement it just makes you feel more brazen for using it!  And with that carpe diem and happy Memorial Day!

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