All Hands On Deck! Part 2- the work…

Yay!  The fun part!  Pulling the final design elements together to make it all look GOOOOOD!

Especially when it comes to outdoor spaces, there is something inticing in pulling your summer space together.  It just makes you go ‘ahhh’.

So here was the list:

  • Textiles: rugs, cushions, pillows
  • Planters: for both herbs and flowers
  • Other Details: mat for fire pit, umbrella, plants

Theme: I liked the trend that uses a range of blues and greens, it gave me a lot of flexibility to work within as I was looking for many pieces and didn’t have an unlimited budget to work with. I came up with a little vision board to keep me on track:

deck inspiration

deck inspiration I pulled together

HomeGoods was my friend… and not because I used to work for them!  I found some of the cushions for the Adirondack chairs and dining chairs there.  I also found a few planters to help decorate.

I did hit a snafu in the rail planters I wanted for herbs.  Those rounded rails we had made it difficult to find something that would work.  I found a solution at Ikea in some white planters that had rounded rail hooks.


black planters

after a coat or two of spray paint

I found a rug via Amazon that is made of recycled plastic, from Fab Habitat and works well with the cushions.  Not only is it green, but easy to hose off when needed!

Fab Habitat Rug

I also sanded down the white chairs as well as the dining set and gave them a fresh coat of paint.

It is all starting to come together, the big reveal is coming soon!

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