Cold Water Series: Nantucket Sound #2

A dark sky with a glimmering horizon… do you see foreboding or a silver lining?  Nothing quite like winter on the water.  This is the third piece in my ‘Cold Water’ series, “Nantucket Sound#2” was a December afternoon leaving the island.  It was freezing on the deck trying to shoot the water and sky, not to mention dodging sea spray between frames!

"Nantucket Sound #2" © Jess Hurley Scott layered landscape painting

“Nantucket Sound #2” © Jess Hurley Scott

This dioramic paneled piece  is a good size for a wall at 30″W x 14″H x 2″D  in three layers of acrylic painting on acrylic panel with custom routed framing.  I will say, painting clouds in reverse may be one of my most vexing challenges, but it’s worth it.

Here is another angle, though in person it’s even more dramatic.

Nantucket #2, sideview ©Jess Hurley Scott, landscape painting

Nantucket #2, sideview ©Jess Hurley Scott

With our stormy weather the last couple days I thought it an appropriate piece to share.  Thanks for checking it out!


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