Cold Water Series: ‘Heading Out, Cohasset’

Another painting to share, this one is a little mini of Cohasset harbor as the tide rushes out.  I love playing with white water and this one is particularly focused on the movement and transparency of water.

"Heading Out, Cohasset" © Jess Hurley Scott; acrylic on acrylic panel

“Heading Out, Cohasset” © Jess Hurley Scott; acrylic on acrylic panel

It’s one of the babies… an unassuming 5″ x 7″, but there is a lot of work packed into this little package.   I was loving the idea of peeling back the layers of water, the top foam, the currents below, the hint of rocks and further deeps.


“Heading Out, Cohasset”, side view. 5 x 7″ acrylic on acrylic layered panels. © Jess Hurley Scott

I wanted to handle the color in a subtle way as it was rich and yet subdued at this time of year with the light being weak and diffused.

detail shot from "Heading Out, Cohasset"  © Jess Hurley Scott, landscape layred panel painter

detail shot from “Heading Out, Cohasset”

Some bigger berthas are in work… it may be getting hotter out, but it’s staying cool in the studio this season ; )


2 thoughts on “Cold Water Series: ‘Heading Out, Cohasset’

  1. I love these!! When I one day get around to figuring out what I want I would like to commission a painting – either a sea scape or portraits of the girls….or both! Anyway, I took the card of a store in New Canaan that had lots of paintings on the walls with the same vibe as your paintings, if you ever wanted to get in touch and see if they wanted to sell any. The website is below for the Summer House. Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 12:34:28 +0000 To:

    • Thank you so much!! And thanks for the tip! I will definitely check them out. Any time you want to talk paintings, just let me know, I’m happy to come take pictures of the girls too! I’ll bring my assistant ; )
      You’re the best!!!

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