Layers Upon Layers: Art Onions?

A fun little project and a new exhibit & fundraiser in November!

Jess Hurley Scott

I’ve been playing with some new images for an upcoming fundraiser at the James Library in Norwell.


It’s somewhat of an experiment for me, as the premise of the show is to use Instagram images printed and mounted on panels for an upcoming fund raiser in November. I like the idea of it so I’m taking the opportunity to play with some of my layered acrylic paintings and try a new medium with them. I’m playing with some shots now, we’ll see how they come out and I’ll post them before the show. Guess I have to purchase some Mod Podge!

Turmoil- Instafied,  an example of what I may use as a print © Jess Hurley Scott

This image is just the filtered file. In the end, I will have used digital imagery to created layered paintings that are then re-shot digitally, printed out and decoupaged to panels. The…

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