“New Work, New York” exhibition at the Woodward Gallery, NY, NY

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Here’s to 2016! I am completely thrilled to be invited to the exhibition, “New Work, New York” at the Woodward Gallery, in Manhattan. The exhibition highlights the art of 18 artists, none of which have shown at the gallery before.

My piece, “And Again”,  was selected and will be on display until the end of February.

"And Again", 2015. 32" x 40"x 2", acrylic on multiple layers of acrylic panel. ©JessHurleyScott, art, painter, contemporary art

“And Again”, 2015. 32″ x 40″x 2″, acrylic on multiple layers of acrylic panel. ©JessHurleyScott

Woodward Gallery:
New Work, New York

January 9th – February 27th, 2016
Artist Reception: Sat., Jan. 9th from 6-8pm

It’s even more special that the gallery is around the corner from my first apartment in New York when I moved to the Lower East Side in 2000. Kind of fun to be near my old hood (even though it is SOOO much nicer now than back then)! Hope to see you at the opening!

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