New York Exhibit: Gourmet Garage, Tribeca

My Latest exhibit at the Gourmet Garage Tribeca!

Jess Hurley Scott

gourmet garage tribeca, woodward gallery courtesy Tribeca Citizen

I was so thrilled to be asked to bring a new piece down to New York with me recently.

The Woodward Gallery ,who had invited me to be part of their recent exhibition, “New Work, New York”, also curates art for the Gourmet Garage.  In the days following the close of the exhibit they asked me to bring down a piece to be considered for the Gourmet Garage’s new Tribeca outpost. The painting, “Along the Front”, is 18″x 44″ x 2″ in three layers of plexiglas, now hangs over the sushi bar in the new location!

Along the Front, 15x43" acrylic on multiple acrylic panels , jess hurley scott, landscape painting, art, seascape, acrylic panels, contemporary landscape Along the Front, 15″ x 44″ x 2″ acrylic on multiple acrylic panels

I received a shot from the gallery manager, but can’t wait to get down there again in another couple of weeks to see it in person! I’ll be sure to post an update!


366 Broadway

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