Floor Facelift

Over the holidays, we had a great contractor come in, Old Country Floors, to patch the floors where we took out the dining room wall and give them a new top coat.  Though not the plan we started with, we ended up with fully stripped floors that look brand new! 


Martin from Old Country Floors

mid way
the original color compared to the bare wood
fully stripped

the floors fully sanded

When we saw the raw sanded floors, the color was so beautiful, we asked Martin to switch to a water based finish to make sure the color didn’t yellow as much.  He also patched the floor so well you’d never know there had been replacement pieces.  The results were fantastic!

finished floors

the end result

It makes such a huge difference that I don’t even notice the unfinished half-walls as much and can already picture the room.  The living room will also look awesome when we’re done refinishing the paneling…. that my friends, is another story.

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