Mass Save Energy Audit


This week we had Mass Save come to do an energy audit.  We have been waiting to get this done for a while.  For those who haven’t used them, it’s a state funded program that comes in a does a free assessment of your energy usage and then has free advice on how to lower your heating, electrical and water usage, not to mention giving rebates for energy-saving upgrades.

Mass Save website

check out Mass Save's website

The first time there was a bit of confusion and we had to reschedule. The second time around, Nate, was a very nice guy and so helpful. He changed out light bulbs, put in energy-efficient shower heads, checked the insulation in our walls, attic, and crawl space to see how we could be more energy-efficient. Considering we have oil heat and an old house it’s well worth it. They have great rebate plans where the state will pay 75% of your new insulation costs up to $2,000 dollars. It’s a state funded program so we pay for it anyway so why not take advantage of it?We have to get our summary, but we think we’ll be sealing up the attic, adding some insulation in the crawl space and maybe blocking in the hot water heater.  It was great to have Nate go through everything, I just hope I understood most of it.

Which leads me to my new class, I’m so excited to be starting Environmental Systems. I know it makes me sound really nerdy, however, understanding my plumbing, heating, and my ventilation system will be invaluable I’m sure.  As my professor said, “my goal is to have you coming out of this class and not asking any stupid questions”.   If I can accomplish that, I will consider it time very well spent!

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