Movin’ In

So hubs and I have finally grabbed all of our furniture from the various places we have squirreled it away: our storage unit, my parents’ house, my sister’s house, and even starting to pull things from his parents’ house. It’ll be amazing to actually have all of our stuff in one place!  We have felt a bit disjointed for a couple of months now. Not that we’re complaining, we’ve been so very lucky to have had my parents’ place to crash in that time and not worry about rent on top of that or living in the midst of the renovations.
We are finally packing up the last of our clothes and belongings and officially moving in. We have lots to do and I can’t wait to get even one room finished.  We may hold off on setting up too much of the kitchen as it’s going to be renovated, but at least some of the rooms we can start to really work on.

The snow didn’t help last weekend, but we got a lot done, just a bit more kitchen and office stuff to pack up and drag back-to-the-ranch.  The biggest distraction was the Patriot’s game.  Man, can we all get that lucky?  Oh well, one more fantastic excuse to not pack a box, getting to see Bill Belichick smile?  Can’t wait for next weekend!

bill belichick

it's under the hoodie people... but he's smiling.

The big debate is whether or not to keep the duvet cover that was purchased at Homegoods for the Master bedroom…
rl indigo modern duvet

From Ralph Lauren home

It’s gorgeous no doubt, but there is a 3rd stripe right across the middle of the bed!  You can’t see it from any of the romance shots on the packaging, so now it’s a question of do we keep it though it is a bit stronger  look than I had envisioned or return it and go for a more subtle look.
Will have to take a look at it again tonight to make a decision…

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