Love – Knots

So a quick post before I take off for Ambiente (promise to bring back some great ideas and pictures!) I wanted to gush about the amazing birthday gift I received from hubs.  It’s an amazing necklace that he picked up for me at our friend Jane’s shop in the South End, J.E.M.  A friend had mentioned the necklace to me a while back and Tex jumped right on it!  It’s various ropes that are twisted and untwisted and then dip dyed- just amazing!  Met some friends out last night at The Hawthorne in Boston for a drink, a friend sent me this pic to share:

rope necklace
sporting the new rope necklace @ the Hawthorne

Let me know what you think! 

2 thoughts on “Love – Knots

  1. Love the new necklace!! I heard about it, but wanted to see what it looked like, thanks for posting the photo, beautiful!!

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