Found Objects- fab new kitchen chairs

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great evening celebrating!

Not long ago, the hubs went to the recycling center.  In our town you have to bring your own trash to what they call the recycling center aka- the dump. Sometimes, people drop off items that are more giveaways like old furniture.  On a whim he dragged home these two chairs on the outside chance they’d be useful, I thought they’d be darling in our new kitchen, what a score!  However, they did need a serious facelift.  I had been itching to do an ombre sprayed furniture piece for our house and suddenly these guys seemed to be the perfect candidates!  I had found some awesome ideas in Paris and later on Pinterest

ombre parisian chair

ombre parisian chair
ombre chair

ombre chair

Witness they’re transformation:


First, I sanded down the old chairs to prep them for being sprayed (thanks to Mom Scott for the assistance!)


Then I got 4 different colors of spray paint plus a clear coat to keep them from chipping.


I gradually painted each color overlapping one to the next to give a gradual tonal effect.

Voila!  The finished product.



We think they came out great, an updated technique, and a kitschy slightly nautical silhouette makes them whimsical and fun.  Not bad for a grand total of $10 in paint!

Let us know what you think!

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