Pet Project: Portraits of Pups

So here’s a new one for me… puppy portraits. I have painted pretty much my whole life. I do a lot of landscape, some decorative stuff, and the occasional human subject, but this latest was an experiment for me. However, one of my dearest friends, Shana Gail was having a birthday so I had the reason. Shana has been such an amazing friend to me for over a decade. She has two beautiful canine friends, Abby and Bailey, who made excellent subject matter for a couple of paintings for my sweet friend.

Here are their mug shots:

original pup photos

The original photos from Shana

And here are the final pieces

pet portraits wellscituated

these two 9×12’s are acrylic on canvas based on photos.

I teased my mom, maybe I missed my calling? Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Pet Project: Portraits of Pups

  1. I think it fabulous! You are such a talented person! Plus we dog people are pretty nuts for our pups :). Who wouldn’t want a painting of their very special fur kid or human kid for that matter .. .

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