Chimney Disaster: the takedown…

It’s cliché, but home renovations really suck.  They will be the end of your patience and belief that humans are generally intelligent and reasonably reliable beings.  Even when you plan things to be worse than you expect and anticipate the contractors taking their dear sweet time, it is still stunning how behind in schedule and over budget a project can get in no time.

At least this post is about taking matters into your own hands, and GETTING IT DONE!  Cheers to my rock star husband and dad who impressively took down this monster exactly when and how they planned to.

In this corner, the scourge of the Scotts.. the bad, budget chimney.

His opponent…a tag team aided by a jackhammer… please welcome Hubs and Da.

It was a hard fought battle that went many rounds (12 hours over 2 days actually!) but the chimney finally fell.
Peanut tips her hat to the winners

Da assesses the situation…that’s a pretty big hole in the middle of your bedroom.
All buttoned up and waiting for the next showdown… the contractor.

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