Ainsley’s Room, Part 2

I realize I never had did a follow up post to Miss A’s room, so sorry!  If you want a refresher see my post, Ainsley’s Room, Part 1 here.  The final pieces were some personalized ones that needed to wait until we had our little peanut.  In keeping with our coastal theme I added a few touches to make her space unique and without going with anything mass produced.  Yeah, yeah, some of it is really DIY crafty stuff, but when you know how most home furnishings are made it’s not that hard to come up with a version of your own décor.

I hand painted a sign with her name over the changing table

I hand painted a sign with her name over the changing table

The furniture looks great with the walls and the rug.

furniture  mobile (2)

I made this mobile from a Kikkerland kit that has clips to add whatever you want. For now, it’s just paper bits but she can add pictures, cards or anything she likes as she gets older

I know it’s kinda goofy, but she actually loves it, and frankly I was sleep deprived and not inspired enough to carve mermaids or some such nonsense.  Then the Pièce de résistance the jelly fish light.  This was the item I was seriously crushing on when I saw it in Europe last year feeling quite pregnant.  Alas, the budget does not allow so I had to get ‘creative’.  I still kinda love it and I think it actually looks pretty darn cute.  Peanut loves sitting with us in the chair and looking up at it.  A bonus, when she’s old enough to trash it I won’t be wanting to pull my hair out over how much it cost.  I think all materials were less than $20 including the light and maybe 2 hours in time.

jellyfish hanging light

jellyfish hanging light

And finally, the whole room…

the final nursery

the final nursery

wellscituated nursery 2

Turns out, she looks fabulous in aqua, ha!  How chic to have your bedroom be so flattering to your complexion…

I may eventually paint a mural, but I think for now I’m happy with how simple and clean it is.  Hope she likes it even half as much!

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