Sweet Georgia – a loving tribute

It’s a new year and I have new paintings to show.  Both pieces were Christmas gifts so I didn’t want to spill the beans until the presents could be given.  Yet, I needed to do a special post about Georgia.  This adorable yellow lab also known as ‘snuggle bear or sugar bear’ was commissioned as an 8×10 acrylic on canvas for a doting daddy. Georgia, at 13 years old, had been such a part of this family for so long, the idea of doing a small painting of her was a no brainer.  Georgia’s mom and I sorted through pictures of her – some outside hanging out, others keeping watch of the twin baby girls born earlier this year.

In this picture she reminds me so much of ‘Nana’ from Peter Pan, I thought it so sweet as she watches over her new babies.


In the end, we decided on the rough picture we had of Georgia in the liriope relaxing in the sun.  The only draw back was this photo was not a great resolution so I used multiple other to help capture her a bit better.


I finished it and popped it in the mail just in time and was able to get it there for Christmas to a happy family.

jess hurley scott pet portrait

Georgia’s painting

close up of final painting

close up of final painting

Heartbreakingly, Georgia had kidney failure last night and had to be put to sleep.  I am so sad for her whole family and want this to be a tribute to a much loved friend and companion.  I never got to meet this sweet girl in person, but in all her pictures what came through was her gentle soul.

Much love to all the Lamberts.

georgia gallery

2 thoughts on “Sweet Georgia – a loving tribute

  1. We saw the portrait last week and it perfectly captures Georgia spirit. Georgia has been a part of our family as well and a dear companion to our Sadie.
    Georgia Girl, Thank you for being a part of our lives.

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