Are you ready for some football? !

It’s on ladies and gentlemen!  We are counting down to the sixth annual Turkeybowl!! Our crazy family football game was inspired by a Patriot’s tailgate with Hubs and my brother Brian. A flag football game was started complete with a draft (each of my parents a head coach) tee shirts, handmade flags, and some chili to boot.
This year we are stepping it up with real rugby shirts and two different beers brewed locally for the event.
I had to design embroidered crests for each team… the merciless mussels vs the leathery lobsters.


Lobsters crest


I also did some new labels for our beer a spiced winter warmer and a vanilla cream ale.

Courntey put to work on the bottles!

Lines on the field are ready!

Lets some play some football!!


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