Work of Art


I know I haven’t posted in a while, and with good reason! I have been burning it at both ends getting ready for a submission and doing commissioned work. I’m submitting to be a gallery artist and have a lot to do to prepare for it. Namely, finish up some new paintings that I have been working on. They’re all various landscapes and seascapes in winter, calling it my cold water series.  Particularly with seascape, I tend to see so much more represented on a perfect summer day and yet there is so much beauty during the winter. So far there are 6 in this series, but 4 will be done for the submission.
I will be posting new work once i get the application finished. Hubs has been awesome in helping me watch Miss A on weekends while I’ve been working. Whew!  I am a lucky mama! With kids, how do people get things done otherwise? Seriously!

they are both so cute!

they are both so cute!

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