Putting it out there: Gallery Submissions

I just had to share that I’ve just dropped off a bunch of pieces to the South Shore Art Center to be considered for one of their Gallery Artists.  Judging isn’t until the 23rd but fingers crossed in the meanwhile.  It was great to have 4 new pieces finished, framed and photographed as part of it.  In fact, I’ll post some of those soon!

All the paintings, lined up and ready to be packed!

All the paintings, lined up and ready to be packed!

While I’m sure I’m like every artist that would rather be painting than submitting, there was a certain amount of satisfaction in seeing it all pulled together.  It had been a while since I had done a submission so it was a fair amount of work, 20 pieces in total, 8 originals and 12 images on CD, as well as updating my resume, artist statement and doing a checklist.  I have to thank all my lovely friends and family who came by to help me select which pieces to include as originals.  It was fantastic to get fresh eyes and different perspectives on the paintings as well as a lot of cool conversations.  Some pieces were a favorite all-around and others seem to be a matter of personal preference, which was also great.  Yet, for a bunch of serene landscape paintings, there was a fair amount of drama too: a frame not fitting and my dad saving the day with his dremel, last minute framing orders for the new pieces, a new glue that set a little too fast (yikes), but I guess it’s all part of the process?  Or at least part of mine!  I had a great assistant though… Miss A was always under-foot helping me to polish a panel and offer her critique.

Miss A polishing a panel in her pj's, I'm starting her early.

Miss A polishing a panel in her pj’s… I’m starting her early.

I swear turned around and she was doing this!  Such a helpful little love.

I’m at least looking forward to some fresh feedback and at best getting involved with a really cool organization.  It would be great to have more interaction with other local artists and maybe get into more of a groove with showing my work.  I’ll keep you posted, but in the meanwhile Happy Easter, Happy Spring and here’s to new beginnings!

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