Pet Portrait: Kenya

My latest portrait commission was a lovely girl named, Kenya.  She’s a very distinctive and beautiful black lab who lives out in Colorado.  I was approached to do this piece as a birthday gift for Kenya’s owner, a surprise from her sister.  I worked with some pre-existing shots and really liked one that had an exaggerated perspective in the pose.

"Kenya", Jess Hurley Scott© 8x10" acrylic on canvas

“Kenya”, Jess Hurley Scott© 8×10″ acrylic on canvas

‘Kenya’ is 8×10″ acrylic on canvas.  It was important to the client to have a setting that felt like Colorado, so we worked that in from some other shots that she had on file.  Because it is a small canvas, I recommended the tighter composition so we wouldn’t loose any of Kenya’s personality.

"Kenya" (detail), acrylic on canvas by Jess Hurley Scott

“Kenya” (detail), acrylic on canvas by Jess Hurley Scott

This piece was such fun to do, all the details of  her sweet face but something decidedly fresh and casual in the composition.  Hope you all enjoy it, more landscapes coming soon!


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