The farm table

My hubs and I can be romantic, sometimes downright sappy.  I think this could be one of those cases but I use the excuse of craftsmanship.

My brother-in-law is a very talented woodworker.  When he and my sister were getting married she wanted to have farm tables for the reception but the cost was way too high.  His solution? Build all 20 tables from reclaimed barn wood.  He did just that and thought to rent them out to help recoup the cost. The tables turned out to be amazing and a business was born. We used the tables at our wedding (a short two months later) and as we sat there my very new hubs and I said how amazing it would be if we could keep our head table for a dining table.

the tables at our wedding

the tables at our wedding

Now, we didn’t have a house and meanwhile the company took off! They formed New England Country Rentals and have since have had an astonishing response, doing hundreds of events and building a whole warehouse of amazing pieces, much of which is build on site all in less than two years. They amaze me, and apparently others as well as they’ve received all sorts of awards and press in that short time.  You can check out their website,

In the meantime for hubs and I, we bought a house. Finally, we could think about that table and Kelly and Matej agreed to sell us one of the originals from our weddings. We are absolutely thrilled!

table close up

our table

We have no chairs, but we don’t care.  It actually may be hard to find something as it’s just so beautiful, what wouldn’t pale in  comparison?  For now, Tex and I will just have yo drag the kitchen chairs in when we want to sit at our head table.
Yes, you can gag a little, we are that sappy.


we'll get chairs soon!

Thank you Kelly and Matej!  Hope your trip across country to bring home your shipment of Napa wine barrels was amazing! (you can see their updates on NECR here)

Ucen Wedding

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