The crafty Doreen Schaller

As a wedding gift, one of my dearest friend’s mother made a quilt for us.  Quilting is one if those crafts that has not been part of my growing up.  I had never been exposed to it though I had heard of the long history of quilt making though my background in textiles and though friends who hail from elsewhere in the country.  When I first heard from Shana that her mother wanted to make a quilt for me and Tex, I was super excited.  I also thought it must be so much work, but then in talking to Shana, I realizes how much this is her mom’s passion. And she happens to be really good at her passion

Doreen's Quilt

quilt close up

She even asked us for our ‘wedding colors’ so she could work them into her design. When we got it in the mail, I called my friend who informed me that it was also supposed to good luck in having a family.  What! A baby maker?! I was laughing so had at this one, maybe Doreen and my mom were secretly conspiring. Ha! For now,  the baby maker has found a home in our living room for when the fireplace just isn’t enough in the evening, it really is beautifully crafted and the layout is so much fun. It even inspired me to put this page together on some gorgeous quilting and patchwork inspiration. e

We are so touched (and humored) by Doreen’s thoughtful gift.  I’m sure my mom thanks you too!

2 thoughts on “The crafty Doreen Schaller

  1. I loved making this quilt and knowing that you would enjoy it for years to come. Good wishes to you and yours.
    love, Doreen

  2. Thank you for sharing. Quilting has been apart of our family for generations. When it is cold outside, my favorite thing is wrapping up in an old quilt and sitting by the fire. Glad you enjoy it, I know she was thrilled to have the opportunity to make it for you and Randy. -hugs-

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