A Masterful Egress

So what else have we been tearing up?

One amazing part of our house is our master bedroom, or at least the room we’ve made into the master.  It was a family room with cathedralized ceilings, exposed beams and a sliding door out to a small but sweet porch. 

original family room

The only problem is, the porch was a grade (ground level) and parts were literally buried in the ground where all sorts of unthinkable creepy crawlies can jump a highway through the decking wood right into our house… It had to go.  Not to mention, it didn’t have much longer on it’s shelf life, it wasn’t pressure treated wood, and we were getting mulitple carpenter bee nests.

So the big guy did what he’s been doing VERY well this spring, breaking stuff on purpose.  He tore out the deck in a few short hours, now what?  We were left with a 22″ hole off the slider. 

tearing out the deck

a big mess

a big mess


However, never short on ideas we’re coming up with a plan to rebuild it as a stone patio.  Pulling some inspiration from rock gardens and stone terraces we saw in Aix en Provence, we thought it would look lovely off the side of the house.  Here is some inspiration we are pulling from:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let’s see where we land, in the meantime, we’re sorting through stone and planting options… stay tuned!

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