What’s Cookin’ in the Kitchen?

As our rather warm (read friggin’ hot) summer rolls by, so does the renovation of our kitchen.  It feels like we have been working on this plan FOREVER and this past week we have finally started to see some real progress for all of our efforts.

First, the floors have been installed, they are GREAT… Martin from Old Country Floors came in and did his thing again.  He blended original 50+-year-old floors with new and made them look fabulous.  He also used a satin water based finish which makes them so natural and beautiful.  There is no comparison to the old vinyl!

where we started

where we started

the flooring delivered!

original vinyl

the original vinyl

full floors blended

fully installed floors

fully installed floors, just needing a final sanding and top coat!

Secondly, the cabinets have arrived!

Cabinets delivered!

We have started getting cabinets installed by Magner Construction.  Jim is our GC helping us with the kitchen and deck.  Matt, his finishing carpenter has been working on this part of the job.  Matt and Jim have been awesome and Matt has been doing a fantastic job installing everything. 

the large cabinets going in

the large cabinets going in

They’ve had to patch walls and add shims to level the surfaces…

the far cabinets being installed

the far cabinets being installed

Our new appliance garage and built in for the fridge…

where the range and sink will be

where the range and sink will be

There will be a bar installed on the right side and still shelves to be installed above once the range sink and dishwasher are here.  Still waiting on those puppies!

Once all of this is done, we have plaster to finish, counters to install, electrical, plumbing, doors to replace, finish work and some paint still to do, but it’s coming together with a lot of help!!

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