A new coat of paint

One of my first observations of our new home, and the one that greets me every day when I get home is how awful the color of our house is.  I know I can get dramatic about things, but this is a makeup, flesh toned, sad smoked salmon color that is a drain on my soul.  And as the weekends come, it leaves us, a little at a time with help from our friends, Benjamin (Moore) and Sherwin (Williams).

the front door

sad salmon house

sad salmon house


I’ve never gotten to pick out a house color, so this was a new and literally big decision to make.  I knew that we both loved a more coastal casual look, but at the same time wanted a little interest added to it.  I decided to lean on the French for their gorgeous Provencal palettes which I hope strike just enough cool beachy Scituate vibe while having a pop of color that we really wanted for interest.


lovely landscape for color

beautiful color inspiration

from AD

We chose Benjamine Moore’s Elephant Gray for the siding and Blue Gaspe for the trim on the windows (the muntins actually), all framed by clean white on the gutters, trim, and sills.  The gray reads a bit putty and actually has a chameleon quality looking warmer in some light and cooler in others.  The Blue Gaspe is that dark lavender/cornflower blue that just rides between blue and violet.  It’s that perfect ‘french blue’ that can go either way. 

We have a TON more work to do, but here’s an update as to some of the progress we’ve made!

the new colors

the new colors

the garage door

the garage door

rust traded for blue

rust traded for blue

the salmon is going away

the salmon is going away


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