Ingredients List- the Kitchen

Ahh a blank slate, or blank sheet rock really… either way, when you start completely over it’s both liberating and terrifying at the same time. 


A bare canvas and new floors coming!

So many options, too many options!  Where do you start?  I have stacks of tears from magazines I’ve been dragging around with me for months.  I just can’t leave them – it’s like the answer to the puzzel for the perfect kitchen for this house must be among the images.  My poor husband must think I’m nuts (or a horder in training) for having scattered color chips, magazine pages and stacks of design books in piles everywhere. 

So after sorting through this since December 9th (when we finally owned it officially) I have some favorites to share.  Not all will be used in the final as we don’t have that type of budget, but let me know what you think!

Pinned Image

cool bar – love the counters, the trim the fixtures…

Pinned Image 

love a white kitchen w/ marble counters… floors are awesome too…

 Pinned Image

fantastic corbles and undercounter detail

Pinned Image

love the boat cleats as hardware

Pinned Image

Nice eat in bench w/ beadboard backing.

Pinned Image

just love these chairs!  Have to find something like them…

Pinned Image

or like these…

Pinned Image

or something like this for the bar!

Pinned Image

and LOVE this idea for some old chairs the big guy found!  Can’t wait!!!!

All of these (and more!) are on my Pinterest account if you follow (I’m Well Scituated of course)… the link for the kitchen ideas is here. You will find links to all of the original shots if you want to use them or repin yourself!

As for color… that’s the big question now!  All this white and stone and wood… now what gorgeous colors to put with them!  That the beach will be our guide is all I can promise!

inhale the imagery

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