Baby room… inspiration preview!

So some people have see a little of what we’ve put together for a baby room but it’s far from finished.  Seeing as how we’re due in about 5 weeks we need to get on this!  The big guy and I are hard at work prepping the whole house (as well as the wee-one’s space) but since we don’t know if we’re having a girl or a boy- what to do?

Here is a little smattering of some ideas we’re tossing around, we HAVE chosen a paint color – and a gorgeous green/aqua it is!  We’re keeping it very neutral and nautical inspired so we can flex depending on whether we get a little sailor or a sea sprite!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

maybe a blueprint motif?

Pinned Image

the actual rug for the room!  It’s made from recycled plastic bottles and matches the walls beautifully!

Pinned Image

a cool room using a similar shade of wall paint…

Pinned Image

been dying to use this inspiration for drapery… Nothing hanging too low though!

Pinned Image

hook we have for the room

jelly fish light

jelly fish light

We will give you an update soon on what it’s REALLY looking like… All of these pics are also on my pinterest account for further links and inspiration!


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