Inspired walls for a fabulous cause…

I was thumbing through Traditional Home this week and just felt compelled to share.  With the amount of visual imagery I go through on a daily basis it’s rare that I stop dead and go, ‘Wow!’, but Eileen Kathyrn Boyd’s room for the Holiday House Designer Showcase has my gears going.  The premise behind the showhouse in Manhattan is to dedicate each themed room to a different ‘holiday’ and the proceeds benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  This particular room is Sunday in Repose, is really getting away from a traditional holiday and more celebrating that restful Sunday that is so rare and reason to celebrate!  What was so stunning to me was the treatment of the walls-  she digitally printed a watercolor as wallpaper and the effect is magic! 

I’ve been seeing more and more inspired wall coverings lately and they just get me so excited find a local printer and some paste!  Here are some other inspiring things I’ve come across of late…

Pinned Image

Designers Guild has a new ombre wallpaper..

Pinned Image

this is actually tile, but could be done printed… click pic for link.

The amazing of the watercolor paper… Black Crow Studios.  Their website is pretty juicy!

Eileen’s room is actually from last year’s showhouse, but it’s made me curious for this year’s addition.  I’m probably going to miss this show in person as it opens in NYC on Oct 25th and ends Nov 18th (the wee one is due Oct 24th), but it seems like a great time for a fantastic reason.  If you’re interested, here’s the event site.  If anybody goes, you must let me know!


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