Where to put the baby? Our ‘New’ Bassinet

We realize that we have a baby coming… in like a month!  So where do we put our wee-one when we bring it home?  My hubs is terrified of the idea of the baby sleeping in our bed (even I get lost… I tend to agree) and to me the crib seems far-far away down the hall at 3am, so a bassinet in our room somewhere seemed like the best idea.  I had a lovely friend offer me hers to borrow (thank you Erika!) and we had looked at a lot of the options at the baby stores, but then it hit me…

Does my mom still have the bassinet?

Turns out, that cute sap still had it in the attic (awwhh) and when you think that all eight of my siblings and myself were once infants in that basket.  Then, we come to find out as a babe it was HER bassinet too.   Well, all the more reason to put this peach basket back into play.

Just needed a new coat of spray paint!  For this I just used a gloss basic white which worked out great on both the basket and the stand.

spray painting bassinet

spray painting bassinet

There was a liner/skirt which I can’t figure out for the life of me, and frankly it’s not weathered the years as well as the rest, so we’ll retire that artifact.  However, I asked about what to use for sheets, turns out, a standard pillow case works great w/ lots of these bassinets or Moses baskets (so save yourself the excess sheeting!) and if you’re like me, there’s always a few spare cases in the closet.

So we  pillow cased it up, got it cleaned up, and it looks great in our bedroom!

finished bassinet

finished bassinet

Since they do only need it for a short time until the babe is wiggling around, what better way to put a little piece of history back out there and give it a new generation’s work.

Now we just need a baby to put in it… under 2 weeks and till due date so not a moment too soon!

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