Un-mending Fences

We have a fence, one that we could defend in the case of a siege or if we wanted to keep the world away.  We initially didn’t even go to see the house when it was on the market because it was so unwelcoming and frankly hard to see!

the fence last fall

the fence last fall

We had so much else to do this summer we wanted to make sure we took care of a few things first but we always wanted to take down this stockade wall as soon as we could manage.

the stockade

the stockade

say goodbye to the fence

bye fence!

open yard

We live on a quiet street, or so we thought until today when we started taking section by section down and the neighbors started coming out of the woodwork!  Every time it seemed we moved out another section, another friendly face popped up to see what we were up to.

opening up the view

opening up the view

It’s amazing what a difference it makes in just how much more open the whole front of the house looks.  We are going to work on a new fence option and some landscaping will be needed for sure… but that’s for another post!

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