Best Face Forward (Finished Exterior Paint!)

Last time I had mentioned the house paint I had given you an update on where we were  and we are finally done!

the paint complete

the paint complete

So much better than where we started! As a reminder of where we were… we had terrible salmon pink and rust. We opted to go with Elephant Gray from Sherwin Williams, white trim and a saturated french blue called Blue Gasp from Benjamin Moore as an accent.

exterior swatches

exterior swatches

With our mid-century style house, we thought it would make the window frames more cohesive (as we’re dealing with multiple window styles including casements, sashes and picture windows) while adding the blue accent in a deeper tone that adds interest up front but fades away from a distance.

We also added some new details to the front, updating the numbers for the house to a more streamlined font and cool new lantern fixture.

front stoop

front stoop

house number

Not to mention the world’s coolest door knocker it’s a Scottish thistle since our last name is Scott we thought it totally appropriate.


The guy who makes them is Colby Smith, he and casts them down in the Cape at a foundry that does custom boat fittings.  He has such beautiful things, we wish we had more doors!  I found him at the Wellfleet Oyster Festival last year and was instantly in love with his work!

Now, how to decorate for the holidays?

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