Ainsley’s Room – part 1

When we started the nursery it was when I was still pregnant and we were keeping what we were having a surprise. Because we live in Scituate near the water, the natural choice was to create a nautical inspired bedroom and keep the colors neutral enough to work for either a girl or a boy. What I decided upon was pretty aqua with lots of white trim. We could add navy and green with boats for a boy or coral and with mermaids or shells for a girl.

When our little Ainsley was born our theme was decided! Bring out the coral!  I’m still working on some details for wall art and decor but we have most things in place.

nursery palette

the palette

I’m still pulling some things together so stay tuned for the whole room, but here are some components we have finished in the space…

Our chair it has a cool story.  It’s a standard piece from Ikea,  however it’s been customized to be a rocker/glider.  A wonderfully talented friend of mine introduced me to a blog called Mrs. Wigglebottom, a new mom who had converted an Ikea chair to a rocker using a kit she bought online.  If anyone has ever looked into an upholstered glider a la PB Kids, Resoration Hardware or Serena and Lily, you’ll know they cost a fortune!  I was sold! More importantly my very sweet husband agreed to assemble this for me. Now you may think that I’m crazy buying a white chair with a baby however it’s a slipcover in fact it comes in lots of different colors and there is each wash so I was psyched. This project was REALLY economical, it saved us hundreds of dollars and works so well as a rocker. The puff is from TJ Maxx and was a steal.

Ikea Chair

our new glider chair for rocking the babe

Another amazing stroke of luck was our furniture. It was given to us by a family friend who’s little boy was graduating to a big boy bed. With a fresh coat of paint, linens and recycled blue glass knobs from my parents old kitchen it looks awesome! Not only are we reusing some great items they were also free which saved us a bundle.

We’ve started adding some fun decor too- our friends gave us an adorable print in exactly the right coral color!  I don’t think she ever knew what we were going for, but it’s just perfect and such a sweet gift.

starfish print

It has her name, birthdate, height and weight!

We also have a fun wall hook for the bath towels that is picking up our theme.


our fabulous wall hook

I’m dying to add a wall mural or large scale piece of art to the walls and some floating shelves, hopefully someday soon before she’s too old!

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