Mirror Mirror

Wow, this week is a scorcher! If you don’t have to be in Boston and can shave off a few degrees by heading to the shore I suggest you do so. I, on the other hand, went into town yesterday to help a friend update her large pair of mirrors. A bunch of us girls gathered to have a little ladies night for our girl, Nina, with wine, thai food and some paint!

the mirrors just as I was finishing them up

the mirrors just as I was finishing them up

She and I went through lots of ideas as her place is very interesting and her look is pretty well established, but we finally agreed on an irregular, bamboo inspired border to complement her palm beach-meets-back bay vibe.

wellscituated assistant

shake it baby!

I brought along my trusty assistant to help shake the paint.Luckily, Daddy came to bring her home before we got to the messy work!

The mirrors are fixed to the walls and were bright aqua. We toned them down using a great teal from Benjamin Moore, Galapagos Turquoise tone inspired by a friend’s shop walls and used tape in random sections to allow the aqua to now be an accent which is picked up across the apartment.

wellscituated Ninamirror

In spite of some good wine and plenty of interesting conversation to serve as distractions, I managed to get them done before the evening was spent! Hope you like them Nina!

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