Well Styled- Patriotic Palette

Can you smell the lobsters steaming? The ocean breeze? Or maybe the dune roses? This week red, white and blue are not only everywhere because of our upcoming Independence Day, they are totally on trend.

house in Chatham

house in Chatham

Not only are they nostalgic and a perennial summer look, it’s a great way to show off those French stripes (see my last Well Styled post).  By adding some red for pop makes it oh so Summery.

Red white and blue  fashion summer couples boat stripes 4th of july

Bold colors and coastal themes have been trending for the last few years in both fashion and interiors and this classic combination really nails the vibe for the season. Be it by boutique:

Summer Nights interiors in Chatham

Summer Nights interiors in Chatham

flasks from Summer Nights in Chatham

flasks from Summer Nights in Chatham

By boat:

Rockport, Maine  ♥ ♥ #rockportmaine #maine #rockport #vacation #travel #boats #boating #boatdock #destination www.gmichaelsalon.com

Rockport, Maine (where the hubs and I got engaged!)

Your Baubles:

Falk Jewelry, totally gorgeous nautical necklace!

Gorgeous necklace from Falk Jewelry

or by Bubbly!

Chandon Ltd edition

Chandon Ltd edition 2013 “American Summer”

Do not be afraid to show your patriotic spirit!!

Happy 4th to all!

coastal living July/August

coastal living July/August

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