Do you have a card?

Just got my new business cards in!  So excited, have been playing around with this design for weeks.

wellscituated business card

© Jess Hurley Scott 2014

I was excited to do a vertical layout as I wanted it to have a lot of space without compromising how much information to include.  Also, I did a full color back with a little logo… it alludes to the different ‘windows’ I work in: art, design, lifestyle development. It also happens to work for my landscape paintings, my layers of acrylic!

Just to add a little fun I colored the sides as well (post printing) which I think gives it just a little pop.

colored trim of my business cards wellscituated

a colored trim really adds a pop

PS- can you find my initials in the graphic too?  (Que the ‘ahhaa’)

Would have loved to do something in a heavier stock, but we’re not working on that type of budget just yet… a girl can dream…

Happy Snow Day!

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